About us

The new system has numerous benefits for the HYIP and users since they can invest with more relieve and are safer. The advertisers can promote to more users while the users get the guarantee at the moment when something is about to happen. This gives the users that ease when investing with HYIP.
With HYIP the benefits are massive and as the new system suggests, it targets all investors around the world and gives every investor as a user, that feeling of security and assurance.
There are no hidden charges or costs that will scare an investor away in future, since the system is fair and straight to the point about its terms.

USER investor How to participate

Fee for advertisement, without payment and paid advert fee results to User investor
It is easy to participate
For free
Just join and participate in PoolPays group of LINE.


All user investors around the world can join regardless of region and location.
Steps are easy when visiting our website as it guides a new user all the way.
Just follow the steps and requirements needed and one is good to go.

HYIP how to register and upload

Users can register from form provided and upload.
Users can also print the registration form and fill it then attach to our website.
Still the Forms can be delivered personal to our offices for approval.
The forms attached will then be reviewed and the user contacted for further proceedings.
In case of any error or more information regarding how to register, users can contact the customer care with the details provided at out contact us page.
HYIP makers then have to pay for the advisement fee.


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